About Me - Fred Ross Photography

My name is Frederick Ross and I am a photography enthusiast residing in Gainesville, Florida.  I'm addicted to the sound of my camera's shutter and look for interesting subjects to photograph everywhere I go.  My photographic interests are varied to include landscapes, wildlife, flowers, travel and art photography.  Incidentally, my wife, Barbara, is very patient with me when we travel often finding interesting subjects for me to photograph.

I draw inspiration from photographer Art Wolfe,  and adhere to his philosophy of not defining one's self as a photographer by limiting what one captures.  As Art says, "Shooting subjects without prejudice opens up the world." 

  I have received numerous award and honor ribbons in Florida Camera Club Council competitions as well as several "Photo of the Day"  winning images on the Imaging Resource website and my Image.  Three of my images have been selected for the "Daily Dozen" on the National Geographic website .  I am a member of the Gainesville Fine Arts Association and the current President of the Gainesville Photography Club (a.k.a. North FL Camera Club).

If you see any of my images that you would like to purchase, please send me an email using the "contact" tab above.